Company Profile

When you are considering building a home there are thousands of things to think about.

Without definite structure and a plan for managing all the issues that you will face, the process can be an absolute mess and a financial disaster!


Adelaide Build Assist will guide you through the home building process from start to finish. We take away the stress, uncertainty and nervousness of not knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it. We simplify and streamline the building process. We separate all the elements of building a home and help you to deal with every element individually, one step at a time.

We will save you thousands off the price of your new home. You can expect unrivalled quality, attention to detail, professional service and exceptional value for money. We will save you an enormous amount of time by handling all the research, negotiation and ‘running around’ on your behalf. We obtain a clear understanding of what you want and implement strategies to provide for a flexible and totally transparent home building experience that is tailored to your exact requirements.

Your home will be custom designed and built to exact standards and specification. You will retain ownership of the plans, specification and associated copyrights. We provide access to a range of Adelaide Build Assist approved architects, building designers, suppliers and trade contacts that will best suit your project.

We will adapt our home building systems and strategies to suit any and every stage of the ‘pre – building’ lifecycle, no matter where you are. We assist clients that have never built before and those that have built many times before.

We are not aligned to or employed by any one builder. We work on your behalf and allow you to take advantage of our long standing relationships with our award winning Master Builders. We only recommend builders that we have personally experienced their commitment to building high quality homes and that have a reputation for building excellence.

We will create an environment that will ensure an open and honest relationship between client and builder based on trust, experience, transparency and mutual respect.

You will establish

a personal rapport with your builder and have total confidence in their ability to deliver a quality product, on time and within budget.

We will help you command superior building quality and efficient delivery. In close consultation with your builder, we aim to achieve our Adelaide Build Assist Zero Defect Policy and total client satisfaction.


So in response, we developed Adelaide Build Assist to be a valuable education for both client and builder. Its purpose is to identify, manage and communicate the needs of the client to the builder and educate, advise and nurture the client around the building process and their builder’s expectations.

In doing so, we refined a course of action with a select number of builders (from which long standing relationships already exist) that focussed on the necessity for the needs of the client to come first. We felt that if the client is the priority and there is mutual respect, the relationship will work; simple as that.

But like any relationship, there needs to be a reciprocal level of patience and conformity from the client. Whilst their needs are put first, the client should appreciate that flexibility and an ability to adapt is paramount in a process that is subject to change. With this in mind, we conclude that Adelaide Build Assist is a service designed to simplify the building process and create an environment that will ensure an open and honest relationship between client and builder based on trust, experience, transparency and mutual respect.


Recognised as an acting member of the Australian Master Builders Association, Members are bound by a code of ethics based on the following principles:

• To conduct business with honesty and integrity

• To employ the highest levels of business skills and technical knowledge

• To execute building work using good workmanship and materials

• To act impartially and objectively when advising on matters of fact arising from building technology

• To assist, wherever possible, in training the future skills base of the industry


What You Can Expect from us

Initial consultation

We will offer

no obligation and free measured and current advice. We have a combined 25 year experience in the building industry.

Building Confidence

help you establish a personal rapport with the builder to guarantee on-time and on-budget delivery.

Project Management

we can manage projects of any size on your behalf. You retain the ability to contribute your ideas and ask questions.

Zero Defect Policy

Separate all the elements of the building project and help deal with each element one at a time.