People always say nothing is for FREE, right?
At Adelaide Build Assist it is!!

The ABA service is at NO COST to you, the client.

When you typically engage a Builder to give you a price for your home there is always a percentage of that price that is used to pay their salesperson or their administration department to look after you, as their client. That fee is usually a small percentage of the total build price; anywhere between 2 and 4 per cent depending on the value of the home.

Instead of that fee being paid internally to the Builder, it is redirected to ABA. Therefore it is a fee that you pay regardless of who you decide to build with – and it is NOT an additional fee, as it

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is included in their price.

The difference between dealing directly with a builder and working with Adelaide Build Assist is that you:



Benefit from our volume based discount


Get a more personalized service



You get a more competitive price as you will have numerous builders competing for your business.