What costs are associated with the ABA service?

The Adelaide Build Assist service is at no cost to you, the client. When you build a home through ANY builder there is a fee which is included in their price. This fee is usually a small percentage which is paid to the Builder’s sales/administration staff as a commission. When you deal with Adelaide Build Assist this fee will be paid directly to us for handling you as our client – so it is NOT an added fee, it is a redirection of the fee that you would have normally been incorporated regardless of the Builder you choose. After all, we’re here to reduce your building stress, not add to it.

What is Adelaide Build Assist?

Adelaide Build Assist is a premium bespoke building advisory, design and project support service.

Whats the difference between Adelaide Build Assist and a builder?

The difference between dealing directly with a builder and working with Adelaide Build Assist is that you get a more personalised service. You also get a more competitive price as you will have numerous builders competing for your business. You will have the peace of mind, relying on our experience to oversee what is a stressful process if you go it alone.

If we choose to engage Adelaide Build Assist, how will the process work?

We meet with you the client and discuss the direction you would like to head with your project. We assess what stage of the building process you are at, whether you have purchased land, and if you have begun to look at your interior specifications. Once we have had this chat we can then discuss your budget and make sure your goals are achievable. See 'What we do' for more information.

What is the benefit of using Adelaide Build Assist?

We get you the right builder at the best value for money. We make the building journey as easy and as enjoyable as possible. And ultimately, we get you all the space you want and need with the finishes you love.

Will I lose control of the building process?

Absolutely not. When you become an Adelaide Build Assist client you don’t lose control of the building experience—you gain control of it. Your building plan is live and dynamic; we are alongside you every step of the way, but ultimately we are here to help you achieve your building dream.

Are Adelaide Build Assist project managers?

No, Adelaide Build Assist is not a project management firm. Our aim is to help our clients get their dream home, within their building budget. Adelaide Build Assist helps you to manage your building experience and get you the best outcome on “YOUR budget”, not the builder's. Adelaide Build Assist is an independent third party; we’ve dealt with builders for many years. We are often able to negotiate more affordable outcomes and solutions on your behalf because builders and tradesmen have confidence in our system and process.