A property success story in St Peters

Adelaide Build Assist clients recently shared their experience with our building advisory service.

ABA director Anthony Buckingham

"We had a bluestone villa in St Peter’s which, notwithstanding it’s charms, had become too big for the two of us. We faced the classic down sizers’ dilemma. We wanted to remain in the general area but in a similar quality, more energy efficient house on a smaller footprint. However what we wanted just didn’t seem to be around Like divers on a high board we needed to take a leap of faith to get from where we were to where we wanted to be. To our great good fortune we had earlier connected with Anthony who was now, with Luke, running Adelaide Build Assist. From this point forward it would be fair to say that Anthony coached, coaxed, encouraged and assisted us toward the realisation of our new home. Searching for a building site can be tiring and dispiriting. But, during this phase Anthony was unwavering in his belief that we would find something suitable - and we did! We settled on a long, narrow, north facing block in Royston Park which proved to be a suitable template for a modern iteration of our previous villa. The distinct advantage of the Adelaide Build Assist process became immediately evident. We had a clear idea of what we wanted and Anthony had an equally clear understanding as to how this would be achieved. His concept and design phase addressed every one of our identified needs and, more importantly, satisfied needs we hadn’t even considered. When time came to select a builder we had a comprehensive understanding as to how the house would look and the kind of experience it would offer. The builder, Frank Ferragamo, was the perfect choice for our needs. An “old school” perfectionist he drove and managed the build meticulously and efficiently. It was clear from the outset that every fit and finish would be high quality. At the beginning of the journey our greatest concern was that our downsizing exercise might be accompanied by a reduction in lifestyle quality. However now that we are living in our new home we are delighted that it offers a superior living experience to that which we previously had. Although we now live only a short distance from where we started the change from a century old house to a to a modern villa is profound. The new house has great street presence, is beautifully crafted, is energy efficient and meets our needs in a bespoke way. Anthony has highly developed skills both technical and interpersonal. He gets alongside of his clients in an empathetic and innovative way so that clear pathways are identified and milestones are met. Anthony’s sophisticated understanding of the entire process creates an excellent client based environment. Building a house is as much about realising personal dreams as a bricks and mortar structure. Anthony adeptly manages the balance between the two.  In our experience the finished product felt like an ideal home long before it was finished.”

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