Building a team to build a home

Building a home is so much more than just working with a builder. It takes a team effort from a variety of building experts playing different roles to help you achieve exceptional results, writes Anthony Buckingham from Adelaide Build Assist.


A successful building project starts with the right information. The better the information you can provide to your builder, the more accurate the price, the less assumptions the builder needs to make and ultimately the smoother the building project will be. And it is your team of experts who will be the key to making sure your builder has all of the information at their disposal to do the best possible job within your budget.

Accessing a reputable building advisory service (sometimes known as a building broker) will give you instant access to the team required to help you achieve a successful residential build.

This is one of the biggest benefits of working with a building advisor. Even if you’re lucky enough to have some contacts in the building industry, you are still unlikely to have connections to everyone you need. Having instant access to a wide range of building professionals will help you pull together the right team for your project.

So if you’re just starting out with a residential building project, who are the key players on your team?

This will depend on the specifics of your project, but here are key building professionals you will most likely need.

Building Designers

Building Designers are integral to the success of any building project. Their role is to understand the construction of buildings so they can represent them accurately in their documentation, ensuring a smooth build on site. They are experts at interpreting your needs and wants and a big part of their job is to ensure the ‘buildability’ is such that it works within your budget.

At Adelaide Build Assist, we work closely with building designers to ensure the cost of build is in line with your budget, as well as other essential points like focusing on energy efficiency, for example, the placement and size of windows and zoning doors to help control heating and cooling.

Surveyors will map out your site, taking into consideration existing site levels, existing structures like the current house (to be demolished), out buildings and boundary retaining walls and fences, trees and existing council infrastructure, all of which is needed to put together in your council planning application. Other important details will also be considered to achieve the best design for you, for example, a neighbouring property’s double storey house to ensure your new design utilises the site conditions to provide the most amount of natural light. All of this information can inform and influence the house design process.


Engineers dictate the necessary requirements for footings and structural elements to ensure that your home meets the Building Code of Australia. They also carry out an Energy Assessment to ensure that the proposed home meets the necessary energy requirements. The Building Designers themselves will assist with this through good design. At ABA, our designers taking into consideration expected engineering requirements to ensure that there are no excess requirements (like excess structural steel) to ensure cost efficient building.

Interior Designers

You’ll likely know the look and feel of the home you want, but the use of an Interior Designer can ensure that the flow between rooms is consistent and harmonious throughout. Interior Designers are also used to achieve your desired look at the most reasonable and cost-effective price. Choosing an experienced designer can either ensure a timeless and practical home which in turn helps maximise the re-sale value of your property.

building a team to build a home
Building a team to build a home


Builders are the pivotal part of any building project and, through detailed documentation by your building advisor, will ensure complete transparency and no assumptions on what work the builder is responsible for and the work the client has taken responsibility for. This is dictated by the client through their building advisor and will be discussed at length to ensure all responsibilities of parties is understood.

An expert building advisor should have established a large network of experienced builders who tender and build projects on an ongoing basis and have a passion for delivering the best results. Having strong ongoing relationships with these builders also ensures that you receive wide interest on your project and a smoother experience. Having a building advisor carry out a competitive tender also ensures the most competitive building price.

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents are qualified professionals whose role it is to guide clients through the process of buying or selling a property. Working with one of Adelaide’s most trusted real estate professionals can help secure your desired site for your new home and, should the need arise, effectively promote and market your (existing) home to help achieve the best selling outcome.

Again, an experienced building advisory service should give you access to a great network of real estate agents throughout your region, providing market information on request as well as a sales service should you need it.

Other services

Finally, understanding your financial position and fulfilling your legal obligations is critical. So, you may also need to consider adding the following experts to your team:

· Finance/Mortgage Broker

· Accountant

· Financial Planner

· Lawyer

The process

A good building advisor will know that managing the building team revolves around the key attributes of communication and accountability to ensure the success of any build project.

A building advisor’s experts should have extensive experience in their particular role and know what is expected of them to ensure a successful outcome.

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Could a building advisory service add value to your residential building project?

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