Case study: One site, two custom homes

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

It was a complex building development request in Adelaide’s western suburbs, but Adelaide Build Assist was up for the challenge.


When a client purchased a parcel of land on the lakefront at Tennyson, they secured Adelaide Build Assist to facilitate the construction of two bespoke homes that would complement each other, yet have their own unique character and style.

It was a complex and unusual project. After splitting the parcel in half, each block was sold, to different buyers, part way through construction.

Our client’s need

After delivering designs and approvals based on the original owner’s requirements and beginning construction, we found ourselves in a situation where the new owners of the properties wanted to continue construction, but wanted our support to modify the project and designs without creating significant delays and cost blowouts.

The challenge

At Adelaide Build Assist we pride ourselves on being flexible, so we worked with the new owners on a strategy to get the new owners the best possible result.

The slab was already down and some walls were in place, so we couldn’t change the footprint, but we developed a new design that altered the position of some ground floor walls while completely changing the configuration of the second floor.

A new design means council approvals and engineering sign-offs have to be re-done. This is where it really pays to be working with an expert with a strong understanding of these processes. We secured these approvals as quickly as possible and used our knowledge and experience to submit plans that had the best chance of going through without unnecessary delays.

The key learnings

By being agile we were able to make significant changes to the design developed for the first owner, without the project grinding to a halt, preventing a costly time blow out for the owners and frustrations for the tradespeople involved.

It is important to be aware that significant design changes can result in large cost increases from builders, who often charge a premium when the goal posts shift from the original plan.

Through our experience at ABA we know how much design changes cost, so if there is a change to the plan or an evolution in what the client wants, builders know they have to be reasonable and be able to justify any additional expenses.

Our experience also means we know that when costs increase in one area, they often decrease in other areas because items have been taken out of the plan.

All this gives our clients full confidence they are not being overcharged when plans have to change.

At Adelaide Build Assist we have strong, long-standing relationships with all the builders in our network, which means our builders work with us, not against us, and there’s mutual trust that we’ll all work together to deliver the best possible experience for the client.

How can we help?

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