How to progress a building project during a global crisis

The coronavirus pandemic, and the necessary measures being put in place to stop the spread of the virus, have rocked the economy and impacted every industry in Australia.


The building industry is not immune to the crisis, however at Adelaide Build Assist, we are working in a way that allows us to safely continue to progress projects on behalf of our clients.

How we’ll be communicating with staff

While ordinarily we of course meet with clients face-to-face, we have, over many years, serviced clients with build projects in Adelaide but who live abroad, including in London, LA, Dubai to Bangkok.

We are accustomed to using Skype, Zoom, email and phone calls when working on projects with these clients, and will be operating in this fashion with all our clients while restrictions are in place as a result of coronavirus.

In the event that a meeting is absolutely necessary, these will only take place in a manner which complies with the latest health advice, and while practicing social distancing and any other precautionary measures that authorities deem appropriate as time goes on.

Our commitment to clients

Regardless of the method of communication, our commitment remains the same – to communicate in a way that is clear, concise and easily understood by the client.

That means we will always talk to clients in a way that matches their technical expertise or knowledge of the building process, so that everyone gets the most out of every single meeting or discussion.

We’ll also continue to help our clients understand the build process and the importance of breaking down projects to ensure the goals of each step are achieved before moving on to the next. This ensures each project is thoroughly thought through and that the necessary documentation is completed.

The importance of documentation

Successful building projects rely on quality documentation, and during a period of remote communication and social distancing, it will be more important than ever to ensure that the client, ABA and the builder are all on the same page.

How we can help

Has your build project been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic? Do you want to find a way to progress your project despite the restrictions that are in place? ABA can help.

Contact us for a no obligations discussion about your project.