What is a building advisory service?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

A building advisory service is perfect for two main groups of people who want to build a new home, writes Adelaide Build Assist’s Anthony Buckingham.


Firstly, there are those who want to start a new residential building project but want professional guidance to help manage the cost, time and stress.

Secondly, there are those who have commenced their building project only to be hit with road blocks - most commonly blowing the budget or not achieving support for the planning application through the local council.

The role of a building advisory service, sometimes known as a building broker, is to help take the pressure away from the daunting process of designing and building a home all by yourself.

The difference between working with a builder directly and choosing a building advisory service is that the advice and recommendations that are not only tailored specifically to you but keep you in charge of your building project by controlling the paperwork and information flow. You will have access to multiple experts who will help guide you in making all the right decisions to create your perfect home.

The single biggest mistake people make in carrying out a building project is poor documentation. The more detailed and effective the documentation, the clearer the builder can be with their pricing which eliminates any grey areas, grey areas in building only need to confusion and assumptions which typically lead to variations.

A good building advisor should focus on preparing all paperwork to ensure that all responsibilities or work is detailed and documented, not only allowing their clients to understand the work that is being carried out but also allow the builder to provide an accurate cost.

One of the major benefits of working with a building advisory service is the guarantee of a competitive price, as they should have a network of trusted builders that will take part in a competitive tender for your project.

Choosing a builder

We’re bringing this up early in the blog because it is one of the main priorities for clients who work with building advisors. But the reality is, deciding on a builder should be the last point of action in the process, which means the outcome is completely client and not builder driven. This allows for total transparency and gives you complete control of your project.

An advisor should assist you through the process of putting all plans, engineering, council approvals, specification and fit out together, taking the burden off your shoulders. The aim is to make the process of building a new home as simple and as enjoyable as possible.

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How it works

As a leading building advisory service in Adelaide, this is how we work at Adelaide Build Assist:

· We start with meeting you, the client, for a discussion on the direction you would like to take with your building project, as well as assessing factors such as what stage of the building process you are at - your budget, what you are wanting to achieve and your personal style and taste.

· We then compile a detailed brief listing all of your preferences, potential house size and how that relates to your budget and timeline. It is vital that your expectations and budget are discussed throughout the process to ensure that when your build price is received, there’s no surprises!

· Should you need plans designed, we can suggest a range of trusted drafting or architectural designers to develop a preliminary house design taking into consideration your vision and requirements, site conditions and energy efficient principles.

· You provide feedback on any changes, and budget is further discussed to ensure that we meet your expectations. Appropriate levels of plans are carried out to then achieve necessary council and building approvals.

· Next, with guidance from our interior architects and designers, you can start the selection of the internal and external features of your home.

· When all documentation is completed, including council approved plans, engineering and fit out is confirmed we collate and prepare your tender documentation, which is then tendered to a group of nominated independent builders who meet the construction category of your project. Our panel of builders are a specifically selected group of trusted master craftspeople with a proven track record of many successful projects. All builders have an ongoing relationship with ABA and have a vested interest in securing ongoing work by providing the most competitive price and the highest build quality. So a win win for all!

· On receiving the tender pricing, your building advisor will then equalise the prices to ensure they are “apples for apples” and then present your tender summary to you with a detailed analysis. You are then able to make an educated decision on who is the best builder for your project.

· From there we keep in touch throughout the whole building process all the way through to the handover to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Why Adelaide Build Assist?

Adelaide Build Assist is a premium bespoke building advisory, design and project support service. We work with our clients side by side to help you realise and enjoy the process of building your custom built dream home from start to finish. We’ll make sure you get the best value for money.

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