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We'll help you realise and enjoy the process of building your custom built dream home from start to finish.

We'll make sure you get the best value and quality for your money. Here's how we do it, step by step.

We meet you in person to discuss the design requirements for your new home.


We ask important questions that will lead you to think strategically around what is really important to you in your current and future living space. Essentially, we will generate a detailed list of ‘needs and wants’ and assign preference to this list against any financial budgets and timelines.


This meeting is necessary for us to understand and appreciate you as an individual, so as to develop a design brief that will compliment your lifestyle and be a reflection of your personality.


In addition to a comprehensive client interview, we will consult with relevant government authorities and conduct a thorough site analysis to obtain a clear understanding of the proposed construction site in order to formulate a considered position around the factors affecting it and any future building works.


We will identify the geographical, topographical, physical, planning and legal particulars that will influence project design and construction methods, as well as developing an appreciation of various other land related attributes of the subject site and adjacent properties.

From the information obtained in Stage 1, we will develop a preliminary house design with our design team.


This would usually include various alternatives in design, based on a cohesive interpretation of your requirements and efficient, but effective architecture, suitable to the character and amenity of the subject property and its surrounding landscape.

With our guidance, you will then review the preliminary design and get a detailed explanation around the architectural techniques used to best address your design requirements, whilst satisfying the planning provisions to ensure compliance with your local Council.


In providing feedback, you may want to make some changes and explore the various design alternatives available to make sure that the plan not only meets your design criteria, but maintains architectural efficiency and effectiveness.

When the preliminary design is complete and an understanding of general finishes is obtained, we provide advice around what you should expect to budget (financially) for the construction of your home, prior to going to full tender. Upon assessing this advice, you may decide to add or subtract size and detail of your home, to meet the financial and time expectations you have for their project.

You will then meet our Interior Architects and Designers to devise a Building Specification which will also form part of the tender documents. This will involve you selecting the internal and external features of your home with the guidance, support and experience of Stile Interiors. This detailed schedule of inclusions will be prepared in sample form and provided to you (and your builder) as a selection board for your own record before and during construction.

The results obtained from Stages 1 through 4 will enable us to develop the design phase drawings into final drawings suitable for a planning submission with the relevant Council to ultimately achieve a provisional planning consent.


When planning consent is granted, the drawings are modified for construction purposes and form part of the tender process. At this stage, we would issue your drawings to the consulting engineers.

When we have detailed drawings, a building specification and engineering advice, we will issue an Adelaide Build Assist Tender Document to class – specific builders that meet the construction category of the project.


The builders invited to tender will be well known to Adelaide Build Assist through previous or existing projects. Each builder will submit to a comprehensive interview covering every aspect of construction and specification.


We will work closely with the selected builders to ensure full disclosure and a complete understanding of the scope of works, to afford the best opportunity for them to present a highly competitive quotation.

We will carefully review each tender in complete detail and again, make sure each builder has followed the intended scope of works and related criteria.


At this stage we would request some additional pricing options for you, in the event that you may consider upgrading or excluding certain items, depending on how the tender relates to the construction budget. A detailed comparison of each quotation is prepared for discussion and reviewed with the client.

Our tender review is documented for your consideration and explained in full. We will make recommendations around every aspect of each tender and discuss all additional pricing options available.


At this stage we will have determined the most appropriate builder for the project and negotiated the fairest and best price, together with terms and conditions to suit your requirements.

When you're totally satisfied with Stage 9, a builder is appointed and personally introduced to you prior to, or at the execution of the building contract documents.


At this stage, we will perform a Final Check to ensure contractual documentation is in line with all plans, approvals, engineering and your building specification and related schedules. A construction time plan is prepared together with copies of builder licences and insurances. This is issued to you for your continued reference throughout the building process. Construction will commence shortly after satisfaction of this stage.

Individual and ongoing contact during construction is often a prerequisite for many clients.


We offer a total building management service which constantly reviews the building process to accommodate for any changes in your circumstances and act as a contract administration tool. This can include regular, detailed and documented inspections at construction milestones to ensure satisfaction and your peace of mind,.

When our stringent build inspection process have been satisfied, in accordance with with your wishes, it is time to hand over the keys!


Our role has been to support you through every stage of the construction lifestyle. We act as an intermediary between you and builder to guarantee builder performance whilst accommodating your evolving needs. We adopt a positive and methodical approach to problem solving from contract execution through to handover and key collection.



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